Shortcut Keys for Windows 10 and Edge browser


I has change to the Windows 10 in last week.
Some shortcut keys have been added for new features.

Summarized a keyboard shortcut of Windows 10 in this page.

I has change to default browser to "Microsoft Edge".
Because,Google Chrome was very slowly in my laptop.
I must remember shortcut keys in Edge browser.
And I summarize shortcut keys in Edge browser too.

About Window

[Win][←][→] → [↑][↓] Snap window (quadrants)
[Win][Tab] Task view
[Alt][Tab] Switch Application

About Virtual desktop

[Win][Ctrl][D] Create Virtual desktop
[Win][Ctrl][Fn4] Close Current Virtual desktop
[Win][Ctrl][←][→] Switch Virtual desktop

About Microsoft Edge Browser

[Ctrl][N] Open New Window
[Alt][F4] Close Edge browser
[Ctrl][T] Open New Tab
[Ctrl][W] Close Tab
[Ctrl][Fn4] Close Tab
[Ctrl][Tab] Next Tab
[Ctrl][Shift][Tab] Prev Tab
[Ctrl][NUM(0-8)] Move to specified Tab
[Ctrl][9] Move to Last Tab
[Ctrl][K] Copy current Tab
[Ctrl][I] Show Favorite
[Ctrl][Shift][B] Show Favorite bar
[Ctrl][I] Show Favorite
[Ctrl][D] Add Favorite
[Alt][→] Next
[Alt][←] Prev
[BackSpace] Prev
[Ctrl][L] Focus Move to Addressbar
[Ctrl][E] Open search query in Addressbar
[Ctrl][Shift][L] Search selected word